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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look through our frequently asked questions.
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Performing the Service

Can you clean after business hours?

We can clean before, during or after business hours. However, we prefer to perform the service during the week outside your operating hours or on weekends, so as not to interrupt your business.

If a normal working day happens to be a public holiday, the service will be performed on the following business day. Cleaning visits may be postponed during long holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

Do you provide cleaning supplies?

We supply all cleaning products and equipment needed to perform the service, including:

  • Garbage Bags.
  • All Environmentally safe Cleaning Products
  • Microfibre Tools and Equipment.
  • Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner(s).
  • Commercial Grade Wall  & Floor Steamer(s).

For daily cleaning supplies such as toilet paper and hand wash liquid, we can supply them at competitive rates. However, for short notice orders of these types of cleaning products, we recommend the use of the delivery service of major supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths. Coles provides a fast 2 hour delivery service for a small fee and Woolworths usually delivers within 3 hours on weekdays.

What cleaning tasks does your service cover?

Gian’s goal is to always have your premises cleaned to the highest standard with minimum interruption to your business. Once we start cleaning for you, we take responsibility for all your cleaning requirements.

We’ll never charge a different price from one cleaning visit to the other, even if we go over the expected time to complete the service. All of the following cleaning tasks are included in the fixed price.

  • Cleaning all surfaces.
  • Vacuuming carpets and/or cleaning of non-carpeted flooring.
  • Cleaning all appliances.
  • Cleaning all bathrooms.
  • Cleaning food preparation areas.
  • Rubbish collection and removal.
  • Cleaning all internal windows and glass.
  • Wall detailing
  • Ceiling vent dusting (on rotation)
  • Detail-Clean Rotations, equivalent to 10 spring-cleans a year.
  • After party or any irregular extra cleaning requirements.
  • Routine quality control site inspections.

What if I'm not happy with my service?

Please get in touch with us right away and we’ll make arrangements to rectify the situation. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by.

Quality of Cleaning

Do you guarantee the cleaning quality?

Quality Control in business today is a company-wide approach. Our Quality Control System doesn’t only cover the quality of the cleaning services we provide, but also the quality of our business processes.

The Quality Assurance System we have in place results in absolutely no gaps for long-term quality issues to occur. It guarantees that CleanService’s quality standards and OH&S standards are always applied. These standards are continuously reviewed to improve the service. We use a number of tools to provide our assurance of the cleaning quality, including routine quality control site inspections.

Site inspection frequency varies depending on a number of factors including your cleaners’ performance at other premises and the outcome of previous inspections for your premises. These inspections usually start right after a cleaning visit ends. A scoring system is used in these inspections and if a cleaning visit is found not to meet our standards, we repeat it at no extra cost.

What is a Detail-Clean Rotation?

We normally detail-clean the whole premises within 2 weeks when we first start cleaning for you. In order to maintain a high level of cleaning quality, we divide the premises into zones and detail-clean a zone each visit.

All zones are detail-cleaned and a rotation is completed every 4 to 5 weeks. In other words, other than the regular cleaning tasks, the Detail-Clean Rotations guarantee that your premise will be spring-cleaned at least 10 times a year.

Detail-Clean Rotations help integrate your premise regular detail-cleaning into our quality cleaning service, while minimising interruptions to your business.

What exactly is non-toxic cleaning?

We consider a cleaning product or technique to be non-toxic if it doesn’t have the potential to cause personal injury or illness when it is absorbed through the skin or as a result of reasonably foreseeable use.

The non-toxic cleaning methods we use can be natural or organic products such as citrus fruits, oils, salt and vinegar, or non-harmful products such as borax and castile soap, as well as environmentally friendly cleaning techniques such as the use of steam and microfiber.

Our green commercial cleaning solutions guarantee the use of non-toxic cleaning methods.

Our products provide guidelines to the type and quantity of non-toxic cleaning products to be mixed together to produce the best cleaning solution for a specific purpose. These recipes cover a range of cleaning purposes including carpet, ceiling, glass, leather, metal, tile, toilet, wall and wood.

Service Agreement

Why are fixed prices better than hourly rates?

The major difference between the two pricing methodologies, is that fixed prices are result oriented, while hourly rates are time oriented. In other words, fixed prices give cleaning results and hourly rates give cleaning hours.

Some commercial cleaning companies argue that the hourly rates can be better because they result in clients only paying for what they need. They charge a set price for their basic service and a separate hourly rate for add-ons such as:

  • Spring-Cleaning.
  • Appliances Inside Cleaning.
  • Blind Detail-Cleaning.
  • Ceiling Cleaning.
  • Light Fixtures Cleaning.
  • Wall Detailing.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Irregular cleaning (after party).

We believe that a fixed inclusive price is more economical and leads to higher cleaning quality. The main advantages of fixed prices over hourly rates are:

  • Cost Advantage. It is a well-known marketing strategy to underprice a basic service and overprice its add-ons. In the vast majority of cases, the extra cleaning hours as well as the overheads needed to organise cleaning add-ons, result in the fixed prices approach being cheaper than hourly rates.
  • Better Quality. Conflict of the responsibility for cleaning results is likely to happen if the client and the cleaner can’t agree on a limit for the extra time. Fixed prices avoid this conflict from happening, while minimising interruptions to the client’s business. This results in getting the expected cleaning quality at the agreed price.

Gian Cleaning is an outsourced cleaning service provider rather than a traditional cleaning agency. We provide fixed price all-inclusive cleaning services, designed specially to suit businesses’ cleaning needs. We want to build a sustainable long-term relationship with you, help you budget accurately, save on overheads of organising cleaning add-ons, and most importantly, we want to always keep your premises spotlessly clean with minimum interruptions to your business.

How long is your cleaning contract?

There is no minimum contractual period. However, our service agreement length is 1 year. We rely on the quality of our cleaning service to maintain our contracts, not within the fine print.

You can terminate the agreement at any time for any reason by providing 14 days notice. Upon receiving your notice, we’ll continue providing our cleaning services at the best quality, until the lapse of the notice period.

How often do you invoice, and how do I pay?

Invoices are issued every week and are due within 14 days. All invoices are generated and sent to the email address we have on file. You can pay using an online bank transfer.

Bank Transfer

Please use the invoice number as the reference for your payment.

Our Bank Account Details
Account name Gian Cleaning Pty Ltd
Account number 1234567
BSB 891011

We also will provide statements to you electronically for your account.
All invoice enquiries should be directed to:

How many cleaners do you send?

Dependant of the size of your facility, we will select the appropriate number of personnel to clean your premises.
We are mindful of the safety of our employees, so we avoid situations that place workers in isolation at irregular times of the evening.

Are our people security screened?

Absolutely. The cleaners go through a screening process that includes a police background check, reference checks and in-person interviews. We also require Certificate 3 experience in commercial cleaning to work for us.

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